Opinion: EXO's Comeback-Call Me Baby

5:35 PM

THEY ARE BACK! Only 10 members this time, but hey, it's better than no EXO at all. 

Okay....how am I going to write this post if I can't even think straight? 

I guess i'll talk about the song first.

 I personally really like it, and the more I listen to it the more it grows in me. I find it addicting, and it wasn't some weird SM mishmash of 10 songs like Red Light, Ice Cream Cake, Happiness and I've Got A Boy (which I was afraid of). Of course the expectations were sky high for this comeback, and many people were expecting more. At the end of the day, we just all have our preferences and I speak for myself when I say I loved the song.

Ok, let me just mention....BROHOHOOOO! Nasties? That room in 1:14 was clearly Brohoho's Brick Room. Moving on, I love the way they filmed and showcased the choreography in the most spectacular way. In that aspect, this music video really reminded me of Growl.

The video was well shot, even though mosts sets were really cheesy and cliché. Brick room? Plain white(this one is alright)? Race cars? I feel like Overdose had an awesome set and these ones were very plain.Well, at least in Call Me Baby the sets look less like boxes.....AND, it drives more attention to their choreo.....other than that, I would've preferred other sets.

Awesome as always. Especially with all the cool transitions.

Ok so one thing you have to know about me is that I absolutely hate the what I call, Curtain Hairstyle on boys (it looks okayish on long-haired girls). If you are confused, here are some examples of this horrifying hairstyle:

Yes, it's the 5:5 parting that really turns me off. Actually, I don't like very noticeable partings on guys in general so yeah.......The styling in this music video made me mad....very mad.

Some of the hairstyles that really made me suffer throughout this MV:

Some girls find this hot. I don't.

 Who invited Chen's grandma? Poor lady, just leave her alone!

Kai and my aunty must go to the same hair salon.

That curtain. CLOSE IT!

This one isn't so bad,  but it does look kind of weird though. 

NO! Bias, don't do this to me. You don't have enough hair to rock Ariana Grande's poytail T_T

On the other hand, our lovelay unicorn looked great! Good job Lay's stylist!

Ok, now that i've got that off my chest......

Line Distribution:


Sehun still doesn't have any, why SM? You should've given some of Kai's parts to Sehun really.....even with 2 members less, poor Oh Sehun still doesn't even get 5 seconds worth of screen time. One of my best friend's (if you're reading this, OIII) bias Sehun, and even I can feel her pain. Please SM.....

10 Member EXO:
It is definitely sad to see them without Luhan and Kris.

 Since Luhan was my bias (along with Xiumin) I can severely feel his absence. It breaks my heart, but that's just how it is. NOW! I'm not delulu and i'm not gonna say I felt the vocals in the song were weaker because he wasn't there, because to me the chorus where they all sang together sounds exactly the same as when they sang together in other songs. You must be magic if you hear a difference. 

As for Kris, unfortunately he never got many lines to begin with, so his voice didn't make the biggest difference ever. However, his looks bring a fresh charisma to EXO, and I did feel like that was missing. Not even Kai can fill in for Kris' strong gaze.

With this being said, i'm proud of the 10 members. They were very strong, their dance moves were on point and they seemed very united. Proud.

Chinese VS Korean:
Being Chinese myself, I feel like most of the time i'm biased towards EXO's mandarin versions. However, the group that once had 4 fluent chinese members has only got half of them now, most of the pronunciation in this MV should make me cringe. With this being said, their mandarin seems to have improved immensely, and even though it isn't the best pronunciation ever, I give them A for effort.
The MVs are the same, and the songs sound very similar. I think this time around I don't have a favourite version.
Fun fact: Whenever I play EXO's chinese songs my mum (100% chinese person) doesn't understand a single word aahahhaha, is it only my mum?

Watch the MV here:
DAMN! 2,5 million views in couple of hours......

For now, that is it! What did you think about EXO's comeback? Hated it? Loved it? Leave your thoughts on the comments below ^_^

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  1. I loved this comeback and it was totally different than what I was expecting! Even kris my fave has left I really liked this song and it's super catchy :) and the centre part hair styles yeah not much of a fan of that myself either haha


    1. Me too *High 5* :D ahahaha, yeah...whoever styled their hair should be fired....

  2. Replies
    1. I'm sure they have been popular for quite some time now :D

  3. lol at Chen's grandma hahahah XD

    well I think the MV is so EXO's style but the main song is just so so..
    I prefer other songs in the album to the main song ^^

    1. Ahahahaha :P

      I haven't heard them yet, but i'm going to listen to the album ASAP~

  4. I enjoyed the song Call me baby


  5. I LOVE THEIR NEW ALBUM! IT'S AMAZING! I preordered my Chanyeol version a few days ago and I cannot wait to get it >< Hopefully, it doesn't take too long ><
    Well, I agree with you about this hairstyle. In the beginning Kai looked like an American football player in the '80s xD It made me cringe lol. But Suho looks nice with that hairstyle c:
    OMG we should thank Lay's stylist a lot *o* His hair was hella nice!!
    Anyway, I'm a bit sad about the line distribution, too! Sehun deserves more, but we cannot judge, because we aren't professionals!

    1. I haven't heard the whole album yet, but i'm definitely going to!! Ohh, awesome!! Yeah, those hairstyles were pretty bad :P
      True, we aren't the ones who decide neither do we expertise in that area, so we really don't have a say :/

      Thanks for passing by~

  6. Oh girl, I'm still not over Luhan and Kris having left the group :( But I liked this MV nonetheless~

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog~K-pop Upd8!!!

  7. Nice post!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Let me know would you like us to follow eachother on GFC?
    Greetings from Italy,

    Sonia Verardo


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I follow you now on GFC #67, let's keep in touch!
    Have a nice day,

    Sonia Verardo


  9. ahaha I'm totally with you about their hairstyles!!!
    Come check out my review post & fangirl on their album & MV on my brand new K-pop series on my blog! http://charrmyn.blogspot.com/2015/04/exo-pathcode-teasers-exodus-album-call.html
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || K-pop Review

    1. ahahaha, seems like most people didn't like their hairstyles :P

      Cool! I'll check it out immediately~

  10. i was super happy with this comeback, because i felt like lay and tao (and xiumin too) got to showcase their talents a lot better before. Tao OWNED that rap, seriously.
    but yea the styling was partially really, really horrible....however i'm glad the stylists seemed to be unable to find exo shirts in their proper size, there was a lot more skin showing than expected xD

    1. Yes, me too, especially with Xiumin since he's my bias.
      aahahaha, well spotted ;)

  11. Thank you for dropping by and following my blog! :D Glad to meet a fellow beauty + kpop lover, hehe~ ^^ I really like EXO's new song Call Me Baby, and somehow Lay is wrecking my bias list here D: (Sehun ah pls don't grow up so fast LOL)

    1. Thank YOU for following me back :D Hope we can keep in contact~
      Yeah, me too!! Lay is ruining everything T_T

  12. If Baekhyun doesn't look hot to you nothing would do it...

    1. Ahahahhaa :P I just really don't like fringe partings~

  13. I will never understand why so many girls are attracted to girly looking guys with skinny jeans and makeup on... That is such a huge no for me. I could honestly have mistakenly assumed the majority of them are female... Also, why do they need so many members if half of them don't even sing??

  14. Ahh Exo! I agree that the curtain hair style is a huge turn off..But Tao and Lay's blonde hair were OP >w<

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