Review: Skinfood Peppermint Morning Tea Dry Shampoo

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Another hair product for today! I'm reviewing a great, but very under appreciated product, Skinfood's Peppermint Morning Tea Dry Shampoo!

I actually couldn't find any proper information on this product, so there will be a few things missing in this review.
I came across this product in Korea, because I wanted to buy a dry shampoo since here in Portugal I really can't find them anywhere. I bought this because it was the first one I saw, PLUS it says peppermint on it, and anything that says either mint or berries captures me completely :P 

Product Description:
A Dry-Shampoo that will absorb the oils on your scalp, and will have a cooling effect. 
Volume: 100ml

How To Use:
I personally like to use this product before I go to sleep, and I advise you to do the same. This way, the dry shampoo has enough time to clean your hair and scalp.
1) Shake the can thoroughly 
2) At a distance of 20cm, spray it on your hairline, crown and most oily parts of the hair.
3) Gently massage your scalp using your fingers
4) Comb your hair to spread the product around the rest of the scalp
5) Go to sleep and wake up with odorless and oil-free hair!


The packaging is just a simple spray can. It fits really well on any bag, since it isn't big at all (as you can see from the photo of it in my hands.) The dry shampoo has a really cute sticker though, with minty colored leaves and all~


Unfortunately all the information and ingredients are in Korean, and I can't translate ingredients....I couldn't find it in English, so I guess that for now the ingredients are unknown.

UPDATE: Thanks to vvmon Reddit, here is the list of ingredients!

This dry shampoo definitely has a sweet minty smell. I sprayed some of it on the back of my hand, and I noticed that it has a slight herbal scent, but the sweet mint overwhelms it so the herb smell is very unnoticeable in my opinion. I personally really like this smell!

It definitely does it job! It works really great on me, and I have SUPER thick hair, which starts gets oily on second day hair. It sucks all your oils, and you can go an extra day without having to washing your gunky hair :P HOWEVER! My hair doesn't feel as clean as it looks; but who cares how you feel, as long as you don't look like you're a hobo all is good right?

Where To Buy:
(This isn't a sponsored post)
You can buy in these two sites for less than 10 bucks.

-Very travel friendly
-Smells nice
-Doesn't leave a white cast, or any cast at all

-Very hard to find
-Doesn't contain a lot of product

I love it! But then again, this is the only dry shampoo i've ever tried :P Repurchase? Definitely.


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  1. How cool! I've always wanted to try a dry shampoo, it'd be so convenient to have on those busy days. Plus peppermint is the best smell!

    1. Thank you! They are life savers for me, especially when the wether gets humid and hot :P Yes! I love peppermint too ^_^

  2. It looks great! :) My hair gets oily very quickly >< So I should give this a try!

    1. ahahaha, I really recommend it!!

      Thank you for stopping by :D

  3. I love skinfood's products & dry shampoo! I will definitely look for this item next time I visit skinfood!

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog~K-pop Monthly Upd8!!!

  4. I haven't tried a dry shampoo before. My hair is thick and gets oily after a day or two of not washing, very high maintenance. I want to try this now!


    1. Yes, this is really good for my hair, and it seems very similar to yours~

  5. I have thick hair too.. but my hair is short.. everytime I wash my hair at the 2nd day is starting to oily.. >.< wanna try this one later.. XD

  6. I can't blame you for picking this up because it's peppermint scented because that's EXACTLY what I'd do myself. I love my batiste dry shampoo (if you haven't had the chance to try this out, do!) but they, sadly, do not have any cool scent like this one. I'd try it.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. YES! I love the smell of mint :P I can't buy baptiste where I live, so i've never tried it before :( I should order it online~

  7. It's great post! Thanks for sharing!


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