First Time Dying My Stubborn Asian Hair

12:14 AM

So this post is a bit more personal than general, it's about my experience on dying my hair for the first  time! If you have thick and black hair that is impossible to dye, STICK WITH ME! Cuz I feel you.....

So a little introduction on my hair:
My hair is a very very very VERY dark colour. It's just jet black. No pretty undertones, no nothing. On top of that, it is SUPER thick, and I have A LOT of it. You know how people tend to want to volumize their hair? Yes, I don't do that, in fact, I want to tame volume.....If you need some, PLEASE, TAKE SOME OF MINE. Seriously though, my hair is so thick and dark, it's like a black hole.

Why did I decide to dye my hair?
I decided to dye my hair because I felt like changing, and I knew that sooner or later I would do it, so why not sooner? The sooner I dye it, the sooner i'll know more about hair colouring, and the sooner i'll be able to do it myself.

What colour did I want to dye to?
At first I had a ton of ideas. Pastel, blonde, california, name it, I thought it! However, I thought a darkish reddish mahogany would be the most suitable, since my mum has this hair colour and it suits her, so nothing could go wrong.

Which hair dye did I use?
I decided to use a box dye, because they are cheaper, easier and more convenient. Some of them are also way less damaging to the hair. Mine was L'oreal's  excellence creme, in shade 6.66 (oooohh, diabolic!)  (I might do a separate review of this product.)

So here I am, super happy about FINALLY changing my virgin hair as my experienced mummy helps me dye my hair:

And here I am again, after seeing the result.....

My hair had hardly changed. The dye just didn't take on most part of my hair! It was slightly noticeable on the roots, but on the rest of the hair, it was just black. A little less black, but it was black.

TBH THO, I was expecting it. My mum and my aunties had warned me from their past experiences and that "Dying asian hair is mission impossible"
(How my hair looked when the sun shined on it)

I was super happy with the colour on the roots though, because it was just the perfect shade of red that I wanted! My hair looked great on the sun, but indoors there weren't any noticeable changes.

So yeah, overall I was happy, but not entirely satisfied. So I thought about dying my hair a second time, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it at a salon or bye another box dye.

I opted with the salon, since it is the place my mum always goes to, and the dye always takes on her hair. So this morning, I went to the salon to get my hair a second layer of red gorgeousness....and this is the result!

I love the colour! The redness changes according to the lighting.

HOWEVER..... it still looks black indoors.

I don't mind though, it does give my hair a certain mystery :P Black indoors and reddish outdoors.
I have heard from some people that for Asian hair, you have to dye it about 4 times for the colour to properly take. Some just bleach it, but I would rather not. For the meanwhile, i'm quite content with how it is now.

So my hair went from jet black

To a little red on the roots

To a little less black

In about a week.

Now, i'm just going to treat it well, so that I can dye it again in the future. Asian hair sure is hard to deal with, especially mine.....I'm happy though, because the more I dye my hair the more the colours will start to show, which means that i've been through the toughest stages of dying very dark hair :P

How was your first time? Mine was disappointing at first, but very pleasant at the end. I'm definitely going to try again. Share your first time if you have had it already, and if not, good luck and use protection! Yes, use gloves, otherwise your hands will get stained :P ahahaha, dirty jokes cans be so funny.

Thank you for reading! XOXO

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  1. I had the exact same experience you had and I definitelt know how you feel about having jet black Asian hair. It is such a pain to color! T.T until I had a solution and tried Palty. It works well, depending on the color you are aiming for and make sure you get two boxes. Now I am in love with my brown hair hehe.

    Last Night with Lee

    1. Nice to know i'm not alone :P Haven't heard of it before, but i'm gonna check it out for sure!! Thank you so much~


  2. I feel you. While my hair isn't black, it has very red undertones and dying it ANY color leaves it orangey at first.
    I just don't mess with it anymore, after going through bleaching the whole head to pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green, etc. I'm just trying to enjoy my natural hair color and resisting the urge to change it.
    I'm in the process of experimenting with natural hair lightening - honey, chamomile, lemon so hopefully that works out. :3

    1. Yeah, I think i'll skip the bleaching :P Tell me how the natural lighting goes! I would love to know~

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  5. If it makes you feel ANY better, this isn't just an Asian hair thing. Dark brown to black hair just won't really take lighter colours, even I have to bleach THEN dye mine.

  6. The hair is lovely...

  7. Oh the color is very pretty sweetie!

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  9. nice post, i followed u, plz follow back

  10. your hair is soooo gorgeous and shiny! i am so jealous *_*

    1. awww, thank you so much!!! <3 <3 I'm sure you have beautiful hair as well

  11. I am asian and my hair is thin. Very thin, i think. I envy people who have thick and brown/reddish hair :(

    I ever thought that i will dye my hair someday, but I don't need it anymore xD my hair turns brown naturally xD is it weird?

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