Opinion: Unpretty Rapstar (Top 5 Raps, Favourite Member, Jessi's Attitude...)

5:11 PM

I just finished the last episode of Unpretty Rapstar (I watched it here) and I just have SOO many things I want to share about this program! Read on to share the excitement of this super-addicting-and-hilarious-yet-actually-somehow-tear-inducing TV show with me :P


1) Why is this show called unpretty rapstar? Most of them are freaking beautiful T_T If you think they are unpretty, then you better lower your standards because you're gonna be disappointed when you step into the real world, where most of us look like beautiful monkeys. 

Seriously, look at them:
(Jimin AKA Luhan)

I'm joking, I get it. They are rappers, and therefore have to put on an attitude and a level of confidence that might be depicted as "unpretty" to certain people; especially in Korea where most individuals describe a pretty girl as delicate, cute, lovely, polite and other unicorn features. 

2) Jessi. The protagonist of this show. I guarantee you that if it wasn't for her, the show WOULD NOT have been as successful as it was, whether you think she was arrogant, talented, a bitch or a queen, I know she caught your attention and kept you entertained, which is why I feel like I have to say what I think about her.

This picture is an accurate representation of what I think about cheese.

First time I saw her was in Lucky J's MV, and I was like DAAMNN! SHE CAN SING! I even included her group on my TOP Rookies of 2014 list. At the time, I knew nothing about Jessi and her scandalous past.

This picture is an accurate representation of my current mood.

When I started watching the show, at first I didn't like her. The whole "No one here is competition to me" and those weird-ass spontaneous rap disses in the middle of a completely non-aggressive situation kept me going "DAFUQ....." HOWEVER. I changed. I started liking her as I followed her through the show. I saw her on many idols' instagrams, and my perception of her really changed. When I saw her on After School Club, I thought "Wow, she's such a sweet unnie. I want to befriend her so badly!" So yes. Now one of my life goals is to become Jessi's friend :P I do think that she tends to act arrogant sometimes, like when she went all belligerent when Jimin and Kisum won the teamwork challenge....

This picture is an accurate representation of what I think about my exams coming up.

3) Who is my unpretty rapstar bias?
Now this one is hard for me, because I do love a bunch of them. First and foremost, as mentioned previously, Jessi is someone I really admire. Secondly, I love Cheetah and I kind of always knew she was gonna be the QUEEN. Also, I started watching the show because of Jimin, and unlike many haters out there, I do think she's a valid rapper and was major competition in this program. Last but not least, I love Kisum. I've been liking her ever since I heard her rap in the first challenge she did with Cheetah. I thought she was fierce, and I liked the tone of her voice. I think I rooted for her the most along the show, mainly because I thought she was the real underdog of the competition, and everyone was underestimating her potential. I think she redeemed herself after the fiasco that happened on the 1v1 with Jolly V, and i'm really happy about that. All in all, I don't have ONE bias, but I do support Kisum a lot. 
(also, she's gorgeous)

4) Why did they add in Jace? I just didn't get it. She barely got any screen time anyway........Plus, it didn't really benefit the show. I don't know, please tell me why they added her in if you know so. 

5) My TOP 5 raps!
The show has had many amazing raps along the challenges, so here are my personal TOP 5 raps of the show (not counting with the official album tracks)

1.Tymee's Rap Diss
I have so much to say about this rap. I didn't think Tymee was anything special before I heard this diss (lol) but once I heard it, I just had to rape the replay button. DUDE. I don't even know what it is, but I absolutely love it (maybe it's her cute side ponytail). All her raps after this one were pretty bomb as well.
2.Kisum's Rap Diss 
This girl. I liked this a lot because she kind of released herself and showed us that she can not only rap, but can beat Jessi. Those disses were harsh, i'm glad she "sharpened her teeth" (like my friend Jidam said).

3. Cheetah My Type
That fierceness really speaks for itself. She is just so charismatic and captivating.

4.Jessi & Jidam Teamwork Battle
Tamed lion and arrogant sheep was it? Regardless, they killed this mission. I did love Jimin and Kisum's rap as well, but I think this one deserved to win (I would've loved to see Jimin and Kisum win just to see Jessi's reaction though.)

5.Jessi & Jidam & Tymee & Kisum
I loved the energy of this rap. The 4 of them performed well together, and I enjoyed watching and listening to it ^_^

SPECIAL MENTION to their last performance. It was amazing, and Ailee was seriously the best choice for the vocals. I was deeply moved by Jidam's rap, her dedicating her last verse on the show to the members of unpretty raptstar was very touching.

6) The winner. I'm glad Cheetah won. She is definitely the best in terms of overall package. Jessi's got the stage presence, but her writing skill isn't the best. Jidam has the writing skills, but not so much stage presence. Kisum has the potential and drive, but doesn't really let it show. Cheetah has all of those things, and takes full advantage of each and every inch of her talent. Well deserved. 

7) Overall thoughts on the show:
I really liked watching this. At first, it was more of a guilty pleasure because it seemed like a more badass version of the Kardashians I guess, but I soon discovered I was wrong. I really liked the show, and i've blossomed my love for rap disses (Even though I hate the editing crew). :P  I cried so much on the last episode and when Lil' Cham left, because despite all the controversy between then, I felt like the members certainly did bond. It was heartwarming to see them all hugging each other at the end, calling each other Family.

If you've watched it, please share your opinions with me!! If you haven't, go do that now.

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  1. Hahahaha this was a very funny post
    This show look funny


    1. ahahaha, glad you found it funny :P This show was awesome! So addicting~

  2. Haha your comments on this is priceless! Omg you're from the UK???? Hi5!!!! ^__^

    But I loved the show, it was so good like I'd neglect my uni work just to watch this show lol
    My favourite rapper was definitely Cheetah, upon hearing her first rap I already liked her - there's just something about her voice that's really nice to listen to :)

    SPOILER! It's kind of a shame how she couldn't sing after her accident but she's just so fierce and sexy that it makes me go all heart eyed after every performance <3 You're right about the editing crew; they made everyone seem like they hate each other or something when irl they're cool with each other -.-

    1. Nvm, I just saw your about me page and it says Portugal >.<

    2. Ahahaha, glad you liked it :D No ahaha, what made you think so?? I do attend kind of a British school though, are you from the UK??

      Yes me too!! I loved Cheetah's raps, she's so amazing! Yes, I agree.....On Coma her singing part actually sounds really great, I would've loved to hear her sing :(
      Yup, that editing crew annoyed the heck out of me.

    3. Because I read somewhere on your blog that you're doing AS levels and that's what we do here haha :P Yeah I'm British and a brummie lol >.<

      Ikr, and her makeup is so gorgeous as well like she should tell people what product she uses since she does her makeup herself. I mean those signature red lips is just perfect <3
      Tbh the editing crew only edited like that in order to gain more viewings which they successfully did, I mean Jessi totally owned that program with her random rants haha :D


    4. Ahahaha, it's cuz my school follows the british syllabus, so i'm doing my AS levels this year, A levels next year and then possibly apply to uni in the UK :D

      Yes, her makeup is so perfect, I was obsessed with it!!
      True, if it wasn't for the drama I wouldn't have gotten into it :D Ahahahaha, Jessi's random rants are zee best!!

    5. Oh right I see! Ooo have you looking at any unis in the UK yet? :)

      Ikr, although her makeup is too bold for me, people would give me weird looks for that fierce look on my face if I tried to do my makeup like that haha >.<

  3. Yes me too!! I loved Cheetah's raps, she's so amazing! Yes, I agree.....On Coma her singing part actually sounds really great, I would've loved to hear her sing :(
    Yup, that editing crew annoyed the heck out of me.

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