15 K-Dramas With Amazing OSTs

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I largely recommend you guys watching all the dramas, even if its just for their OSTs. YES. That's how good these soundtracks are.

Starting the month with my first K-drama blogpost! I will be talking about All-time K-dramas with amazing soundtracks that can recall a whole collection of memories with a single musical beat. The following list includes MY PERSONAL FAVORITES, which means you might or might not agree.

(In no particular order)

Dream High
Exciting, K-pop like soundtrack. Every time I hear the string instrument of the beginning of Love High, I get them feels~
Honorable mention: Love High by Dream High Cast

Nice Guy/The Innocent Man
Dramatic OST, mostly ballads.
Honorable mention: Love Is Like Snow by Junsu

Yonghwa has one of the most beautiful voices of K-pop, you don't want to miss out on this drama's OSTs. 
Honorable mention: Because I Miss You by Yonghwa

Full House
Haven't watched the whole drama, but definitely has some great songs to cry to.
Honorable mention: I Think by Byul

The Heirs
Cheesy yet enjoyable OSTs, just like the drama
Honorable mention: Love Is by Park Jang Hyeon and Park Hyeon Gyu

Boys Over Flowers
Up there on my ranking. From cute and fun songs to listen while getting ready to sad ballads that will follow you while you cry about problems, the soundtrack from this drama is all you need.
Honorable mention: (can't choose one) Paradise by T-Max, Stand By Me by Shinee and Do You Know by SS501

To The Beautiful You
Most artists from this drama's OSTs are idols (mainly SM), so if you're a kpop fan check it out! Listen to this soundtrack for exciting and youthful songs :D 
Honorable mention: It's Me by Luna and Sunny

Master's Sun
This spot was originally for IRIS II but I JUST finished watching this drama (not even 2 hours ago) and knew I had to make space for it in this list. Soundtrack is amazing, definitely made my feels stronger and my eyes wetter.
Honourable mention: Touch Love by Yoon Mirae

You Who Came From The Stars
Whether you've watched this drama or not, you have probably heard it's soundtrack 
somewhere. The "You are my destinnnyyyyyy" was one of last year's biggest hits!
Honorable mention: Destiny by Lyn

Secret Garden

Another familiar OST that you have probably heard even if you haven't watched the drama. Legendary.
Honorable mention: That Man by Hyunbin

Queen InHyun's Man
I LOVE the OSTs of this drama! All the songs are so sad and make my feels uncontrollable.
Honorable mention: I'll Give You My Life by Deok Hwan

Coffee Prince
Again, great ballads, and great happy songs as well!
Honorable mentions: White Love Story by As One

The Moon That Embraces The Sun
I also haven't watched this drama because i'm not a fan of historic dramas, but as soon as I heard the OST I knew it was worth watching. It's still on my list.
Honorable mentions: Back In Time by Lyn

It's Okay, That's Love
Wow. The soundtrack to this drama is simply unbelievable. I mean, each and everyone of them portray a different mood, and all fit the scenes in the drama perfectly. P.S: HOW CUTE IS THIS PROMOTIONAL POSTER?  
Honorable mention: Best Luck by Chen

The King 2Hearts
Many people's favorite! Really worth listening, I promise~
Honorable mentions: Missing You Like Crazy by Taeyeon

That's it folks! Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts and comments with me!! Thank you for reading <3

Credits to all the owners of the pictures

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  1. oh no, you didn't have my all-time favorite on here - east of eden. it's the only one i've followed through with watching every single episode.

    -le jolie

    1. Sorry :( I haven't watched it, but i'll check it out!!

  2. Great post! I've only ever watched The Heirs and it was amazing! I've also heard a lot of good things about Boys over Flowers~ thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! Yes, BOF is my all-time favorite drama, you should watch it!

  3. I'm so happy the Innocent Man ost made it to your list <3
    Awesome drama and awesome ost. So beautiful :)
    I recommend Autumn in My Heart and Winter Sonata for more dramatic and instrumental ost like innocent man.

    loved your post ^-^ I really enjoy good music

    1. ahahaha, i'm so biased towards song joong ki <3
      I agree even though I didn't finish it, it was really good!

      Thank you <3

    2. Joong Ki is an angel <3
      Aww you should finish it!! i've rewatched it a lot because i wanted to see joong ki's beautiful face and of course the story line lol
      Can't wait til he comes out of the military!

    3. He definitely is!! I love him so much <3
      I really want to finish it!! I'll try to finish it this weekend :P
      Me too!!

  4. The Coffee Prince soundtrack is amazing! I love it. I really like the instrumental soundtrack for Goong as well.

    And for me 'Paradise' is the no.1 song. I used to find it so annoying but after a couple of episodes, it's like it's not BOF without it!

    1. Yup, I agree :P Oh, I'll check it out :)
      ahahaha, yes!! Everytime I hear 'almost paraaadiiiiseeee' I get feels and memories~

  5. This is so interesting. I have never watched any k-dramas even though it's been in the back of my mind to check some out for SO LONG, ah! I really need to just dive in to the k-drama world. I've watched like one j-drama called Clone Baby which was hilariously low budget. The plot was so silly and the cuts were so overdramatic lol it was quite fun but I couldn't really bear it for more than a few episodes.

    1. Thank you!! You should, Kdramas are awesome!!!! You'll be hooked onto them as soon as you watch your first one :D If you need any recommendations just ask, i'll be more than happy to give some ^_^
      Ahaaha, that sounds so cool!

  6. i love kdramas! ive seen almost all of these!


  7. Nice post !
    I follow u on gfc, hope u follow back dear ;) Kisses...

    1. Thank you so much, I will follow back immediately :D

    2. Thank you!!
      I'll follow back :D XOXO

  8. I found your blog and I like, if you think that we follow by gfc greetings ??? !!!

  9. Love your blog. Great post.

    I think we should follow each other .


  10. You have to watch Kill Me Heal Me and mannn their ost is so good and I really love Hallucination (the ost). It's so memories and beautiful.

    1. I've heard about it :D I still haven't watched it though~


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