5 Ways of Using The Beauty Benefits of Rice

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Rice. An ingredient we all have at home. A food that is not only delicious but super great for the skin and the hair!! Stick with me to find out 5 ways you can incorporate rice into your beauty routine.

I want to keep this as nice as simple as possible, so i'm going to give a very brief explanation of how and why rice is so great for your skin and hair. 

For centuries Asian women have been keep a secret the miraculous benefits of rice. Japanese geishas used rice water to maintain their perfect complexions, and in other countries women used rice to fade their hyper pigmentation spots amongst and other scares.

Rice is packed with the following properties:
-Anti inflammatory
-Sebum controlling
-UV protecting

And all these properties then lead to:
-Clearer skin
-Brightening effect
-Moisturized skin
-Tighter pores
-Prevents aging
-Smooth skin
-Shiny hair
-Healthy hair ends
-Prevents hair breakage 

Amazing right? All these superb assets from 1 ingredient! Now, let me introduce you 5 SUPER EASY ways of using rice that I have used and approved:

1) Toner

When washing rice, don't throw away the water! Keep it (if its dirty, use the water from 2nd rinse) and store it in some kind of container. Later when you wash your face, dab it onto a cotton pad and gently apply all over the face!

2) Face Rinse
If you already have a trusted toner you prefer to use over rice water, then use the rice water to replace regular tap water to rinse your face! After cleansing or exfoliating, or even after a face mask, you should use rice water to rinse off the residue on your face.

3) Exfoliator
Grind up your rice, to make a nice exfoliating powder! Cheap, easy and effective! Add some water, and use circular motions on the skin to smoothly scrub away all the nasty dirt and dead skin cells.

4) Sheet Mask
Use rice paper (AKA Spring roll wraps) as amazing facial sheet masks. Simply cut it out to fit your face, soak it in water or milk and leave it on the face for 15-30 minutes. As soon as you peel it off, you will feel like you just had a trip to the spa!

5) Hair Mask
After shampooing, soak your hair with rice water, and keep it for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with cold water and voilá! Amazing hair treatment DONE!

And that's all! So go ahead and ask your mum to keep the water when she washes the rice, and if you live alone don't forget to save it yourself! Of course, just like everything else, these techniques will have to be done repeatedly for results to be shown. Of course, just because rice is a natural ingredient doesn't mean you won't react. If you encounter any side effects, irritation or rashes, don't continue using it. Thank you for reading!!

Credits to all the original owners of the pictures.

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    1. OMG YOU SHOULD. Depois diz-me como correu ^_^

  2. I never thought about using rice like that! Next time I do rice I'll be sure to save the water and try it as a toner.


  3. I wish weight loss was on this list -_-
    rice is life <3
    great post!! ^^

  4. i think I will try to make the toner~ thank you for sharing! i love rice ^_^

    1. You're welcome~ Good luck, I hope it works :D

  5. I never use this as a hair mask.. O~O wanna try it.. since my hair is dry and uneven..

    1. Yes, you should ^_^ It will make your hair silky~

  6. Wow, I definitely would love to give this a go! Great post ^_^ xo

    1. ahahaha, it's simple, cheap and effective!! thank you xoxo

  7. This post is amazing. I never knew that rice has so many benefits. WOW! Thank you for this post :)

    Greetings from Austria,

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm glad you learnt something ^_^

      Gretting from Portugal!! XOXO

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  9. thanks for your visit,now i follow you!!

  10. WOW this post is amazing! Who knew rice had so many great uses?!


    1. Thank you!! I hope it was useful!! :D

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