15 Kpop MVs That Will Make You Cry

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If you've been a Kpop fan for long enough, you'll know that there are many heartbreaking, feels inducing and eyeball soaking music videos. I have compiled a list of my personal favorite Kpop MVs with sad story lines, so keep on reading to plunge into the world of feels~

Disclaimer: Credits of videos and pictures go to all the rightful owners
(In no particular order)

JYJ- In Heaven
Song Jihyo and Junsu are the actors of this amazing music video. There is a full version, that explains the storyline better, since the original MV might be confusing if you're watching for the first time. What happens when a busy boyfriend looses his loving girlfriend in an accident?

Brown Eyed Girls-Cleansing Cream
Now this MV is creepy and touching at the same time. A story between two sisters; the blind younger sister and the envious rich sister.

Since Xiumin is my bias in EXO, this MV was extra heartbreaking for me. This Music Video features a cute and yet heartbreaking encounter between a blind girl (as well) and a boy with a health condition.

Park Bom- You and I
A cute love story between Park Bom and her sick boyfriend. This cheerful song is a perfect complement to this heart clenching MV.

Taeyang-Wedding Dress
The song and the music video for all you people who suffer from an unrequited love. Taeyang gets you.

MBLAQ-This Is War
Might get confusing, I recommend you watch the MV and if you don't get it, search the storyline and watch the MV again. This one always manages to get me tearing up and now that MBLAQ aren't together anymore, I have another reason to cry while watching this.

Huh Gak-Hello
So Huh Gak has the saddest MVs in my opinion. Hello is the first part for a beautiful storyline, where on of two best friends falls in love with a girl who was about to commit suicide. Why? Who is she? What happened to the two friends? You gotta watch to find out. 

Huh Gak-I Told You I Want To Die

The second part to the storyline. Before you go crazy because you can't find the continuation, here it is. You're welcome in advance :D

Huh Gak-It Hurts
The cliché "girl-gets-amnesia-and-boy-becomes-heartbroken" kind of story, but it's got a twist. A very heartbreaking twist. BAAAAHHHH T_T Naeun did a good job at making me cry like a baby.

K.Will- Please Don't
If you haven't watched this, watch it now! NOW! THE ENTIRE KPOP COMMUNITY HAS WATCHED IT! Seriously, watch it.

MYNAME- Baby I'm Sorry
Talk about underrated.....Both this song and this MV deserve more merit. The video makes me shiver in emotion, and will ALWAYS leave me gasping for air as I cry like a baby. 
P.S If you're a fan of The Return Of The Superman, this MV has a nice surprise for you

Speed-That's My Fault
Still on the underrated track, this MV deserves the SO MANY MORE VIEWS. Beautiful. Simply amazing. Will make you cry. An amazing love story based on a true event, called the "Gwangju Uprising" or "Gwangju Massacre" where students rebelled on the streets of Gwangju against the government. 

P.S This MV features Ji Chang Wook from Healer, My favorite actress Park Bo Young from Werewolf boy, Actor Ha Seokjin and A Pink's Naeun.

Speed-It's Over
Part II to "That's my fault." This will probably make you cry even more than the previous MV. Once again, beautiful MV that deserves more recognition, especially because it has such an unique and well thought storyline.
I seriously cried buckets while watching this. I recommend you guys doing some research before watching the MV, it will help you understand better.
Rest In Peace to all the people who were killed in the real life event.

FT Island-Severley 
Another touching Music Video that you must watch. Time traveling love, what could be more heartbreaking??

B.A.P-One Shot
Being the Baby that I am, I am super biased when it comes to this MV. Surely made me cry, in fact, I started crying when I saw those dudes hitting my beautiful bias Youngjae T_T

So that's it for this list! Some of these MVs are more heartbreaking than the others but in general, these all make my heart clench in sorrow. Yeah, this is me after watching the majority of these music videos:

(If you are a crybaby like me, you'll also end up like these idols)

So that's a wrap!! What are some of your favorite heartbreaking music videos?? Which MV from this list gets you every time? 

Thank you for reading lovelies! 

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  1. Nice post! Just finished watching Healer, almost done with the legendary witch. Can't wait for vimpire blood to be out. It should be interesting...
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    1. Thank you! I watched a few episodes of healer, gotta finish it :D

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  3. Wedding dress always gets me so bad! I can't even hear the song without thinking about the MV and tearing up a little bit XD

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  6. Not gonna lie, Infinite's "Back" is a bit of a tear-jerker for me.

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  8. I literally lost my breath for a few seconds after the K-Will's Please Don't MV ended. What an unexpected ending! Thanks for putting up this list!

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  9. omg huh gak's hello and I told you i want to die makes me tear up everytime
    but i think the main reason is also huh gaks voice cause its full of emotion
    Hello is really one of my faves!!

    1. Yeah T_T I know, his voice really adds to the emotions of the MV :P

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  10. I love watching KPOP even though I don't understand anything....but the reason why I got into it is because my Asian friends go me into them! <3

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