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10:20 AM


GUUYYSSS~ The old badass 4minute that I love very much is back! Their song was released a few minutes ago, and i'm already obsessed!

4minute came back with a very upbeat hip hop song and i'm loving it. I still remember Huh's amazingness, and i've been waiting for something similar ever since. Don't get me wrong, I loved some of their other concepts but this one is by far my favorite image from 4minute, especially because they kill it! (unlike other girl groups that try badass concepts)

It's been like 15 minutes since the MV was released, and I already have this song in my head LIKE WUT? This is probably them right now:

The Music Video itself is really appealing. Even though it's in black&white (normally 4minute MVs are vivid in colours) it's very interesting to watch. The outfits are SUPERB (was it Gayoon? Is it was her, then good job gurl! Those outfits look gooodd) and i'm super content with the rotating shots of the choreography.

Really great! I'm SO gonna learn this tonight :P That forward-laid-back-arm-swifting-walk (i'm terrible at explaining dance moves, so i'm just gonna put the gif of it) is so badass 

As for the individual members, here are my thoughts:

Gayoon- She's so versatile, she can rock a ballad and this at the same time! Those corn rolls suit her really well :D

Jihyun- She had a pretty legit part! WOW! It's been ages since Jihyun has had a decent contribution to the song, so i'm really happy about that. Plus, her part was pretty awesome~

Sohyun- Maknae can twerk! She looked great! I love the look where she has that fishnet mask, this style looks so cool on her.

Hyuna- I like Hyuna the best when she does hip hop, I love her sexy concepts and everything, but badass styles suit her so well. Also, I loved her rap part in the beginning, Hyuna's real talents are always overshadowed by her sex appeal in the MVs, but fortunately that's not the case in this video.

Jiyoon- In my opinion, out of all the members she's the one who suits this concept the best. Trying not to be biased here, but she was the best. Her rapping and her dancing are very underrated, this song shows how dynamic she is.


I loved it.

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  1. love 4minute!!


  2. wow!! really cool!! Your blog is amazing too! Love your cute layout so much! I'm your new follower on gfc! Hope you can visit mine and follow me as well!! kisses!


    1. Thank you so much! Really means a lot to me~
      I'll follow you immediately :D

  3. Yay high five i love 4minute esp hyuna too!and i love that in this mv they explore more unique concept!i believe they will get recognize and famous more after this cb!


    1. High five!! Yup, I agree! It's a great concept ^_^

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