Madtown Is Back With New World, And I'm Suffering

8:04 PM

Can't contain the feels, Lee Geon I hate you.....and I love you

I'll go straight to the point.....i'm so proud of myself for choosing Lee Geon as my bias when they debuted with YOLO T_T His hair wasn't the most favourable in that MV, but I saw a pic of him in black hair and fell in love with it so regardless of how he looked during YOLO promos, I picked him......AND DAAMMNNN, I gotta give myself a pat in the back because he looks FIIIIINNNNEEEE. He's rapidly climbing my bias list. His vocals aren't helping either.

Now to the song, LOVE IT! NOT disappointed! YES! I'm so happy I discovered them on their debut, because now I can say i'm a fan from day 1 <3 YEEAAAHHH! 

Guys, go check out the music video! THEY ARE AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! ALL OF THEM! THIER VOICES, THEIR BODIES, THEIR FACES.....EVERYTHING. Keep away from Lee Geon though.

Sorry for the fangirlness of this post, I have to express myself somehow.
Now excuse me while I go rape the replay button and memorise every single one of the shots so that I can dream with them.

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  1. lovely post

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  3. I didn't even realize they were having a comeback but seriously this song is stuck in my head lol

  4. oh boy i'm getting back into korean music again xD

    1. ahahaha, good!! If you want any recommendations, just ask :D

  5. Omg I love korean music!

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