March Product Empties 2015

8:02 PM

Today i'll show you guys my first product empties~ I'll also try to give a mini review on each of the products so that you guys have an idea of what I thought of them :D

These products have been used up over a long period of time, and i'm excited to tell you guys what i've used up lately! So let's get started! Oh and this time I have my nails done, so no more beauty-product-featuring-chipped-and-ugly-nails.

Estée Lauder-Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
I got this a few years ago when I received my first real makeup kit for my birthday! I didn't use it a lot  because 1)I wanted to save it 2)I didn't wear any makeup with the exception of special occasions. Ever since I started using makeup regularly (about a year ago) i've been using this makeup remover, and I really like it! It removes everything including waterproof. The only con is that since it contains alcohol, it may sting your eyes if you use in excess. 

Make B. O Boticário-Desmaquilhante Bifásico para Olhos e Rosto
Since O Boticário is a Brazilian makeup brand that is popular in Portugal, I doubt that many of you guys know it. It's also an eye makeup remover and my sisters, my mother, and I really enjoyed using it. This also gets the job done, including waterproof makeup, while being affordable~ 
If you guys are curious, you can get it here.

Estée Lauder-Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara
Just like the Estée Lauder makeup remover, this mascara came in my makeup kit. I can't say much about it, because I hardly used it. Just like I previously mentioned, I didn't use makeup on a daily basis when I first got the makeup kit, so I didn't get the chance to properly enjoy this mascara before it dried. Unfortunately it isn't waterproof, so even when I did use it, my lashes would look practically the same (they are already dark.)

Etude House- Skin Malgem Emulsion (left) and Smoother (right)
Do not even get me started about these two products! I got these samples from the hotel I stayed at when I went to Korea, and I freaked out! I mean, all the hygiene products in the hotel room were Etude House, how awesome is that?! Confession: Me and my cousins hid these everyday in our hotel room so that they would replace the bathroom with more, so now I have a few samples of this amazing toner and emulsion.

The emulsion is a combination of a moisturiser+cream+essence. It's prefect for people who are lazy and don't feel like layering up a bunch of products on their faces everyday (like me) and it's also great for those of you who are on a budget! It's super light and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and bright ^_^

The smoother is seriously my holy grail toner. It's an "exfoliating toner" but I use it as a normal toner. I pat it onto my face after cleansing, and I wake up with radiant skin! First tried it in the hotel and got super excited with the results~

 Even though i've finished these samples, I have another ones to go through :D If I don't find anything else, i'll probably purchase the full sizes after.

Etude House- Magic Any Cushion Mint
Finished this product, but unfortunately still have 2 refills to go through. When they say that you should try a product before buying a bunch of it, you should listen. I'm totally disappointed with this Magic Any Cushion. I thought it would conceal the redness of my skin, but instead just makes me look like a ghost. It's okay as a makeup base though. Also, it makes my skin very oily :( 

Used up vs New refill.

I am a cushion makeup lover, so since this is a cushion product I don't hate it. In fact, I use it on my neck to "whiten" it when I wear a BB that is too light for my skin tone. If you have super fair skin, this product might work great on you! Just wasn't for me :( 

That's it for my empties for the month of March!! Looking at my cosmetics, I don't think i'll be doing another empties post very soon. Which product have you tried? Share your opinions with me by leaving a comment :D Thank you guys <3

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  1. It's too bad that you don't like the Magic Any Cushion! I was actually dying to try the exact same one out for myself, but I've been second guessing it lately lol
    Lovely post!

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog~K-pop Upd8!!!

    1. I'm just really upset it makes my face look so white :( You might like it though! If you have a medium-isn skin tone I would say that it would probably do the same thing to you :(

  2. That is nothing good for oily skin
    I tried the pinkand was the same history

    1. Yeah, it made the skin very oily looking :(

  3. Nice products!
    i really need to get a mascara...

    1. Ahahaha, there are some pretty great asian mascaras out there is you need any recommendations :P

  4. Great read, thank you for the review.

  5. Too bad the Magic Any Cushion doesn't suitable on your skin T.T it looks pretty promising.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. Yeah, I thought so too :( You might enjoy it though! However I don't recommend it if you have dark skin

  6. Omg! I owned the same mascara and it's amazing! I should repurchase it c: Great things you got~

    1. I unfortunately didn't get to try it much T_T It dried up before I could really experience it.......How was it for you?

  7. nice

  8. wow that look really great ^^

  9. Waaooww nice post, I would like to try Estee Lauder makeup remover ;)

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