Opinion: Girls Generation's Catch Me If You Can + The Ark's The Light

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I really should be studying for my upcoming AS levels, but procrastinators gonna procrastinate. Moving on, I just watched two MVs, and by the title of this post you probably know what MVs i'm referring to. Catch Me If You Can by SNSD and The Light by freshly debuted rookies The Ark, which i'll be reviewing today.

Starting with SNSD, the girls came back without their Ice Princess Jessica, and released Catch Me If You Can which is originally a Japanese release but has a Korean Version. Since I hardly listen to japanese songs, i'm writing this review based on the Korean Version. 

TBH, when I heard the teaser I thought "Oh no, more SM trying to be cool and releasing a bunch of remixed shit" but guess what? I liked it!! The EDM beat in the song is pretty bomb, and the choreography goes well with it. There wasn't a sudden now i'm gonna change the beat of the song and sing like a diva like there was in Happiness and I Got A Boy, the song seems to be more cohesive since there was the same EDM beat throughout.

Without Jessica, they now have one less good vocal, but they concealed it pretty well since the song didn't require great vocal ability. Since TaTiSeo does all the high notes, SM gave a chance to the other members to sing. In that aspect, Jessica's departure brought something positive to the group, better line distribution! I'm glad to see some other girls showcase their talents, especially Hyoyeon (she is undoubtedly my SNSD bias) and BTW, her hair looked GGOOOOODD! 

As for the Music Video itself.....wut? I didn't like it at all. SM spent 7 years giving them techno-ish looking boxes with flashing lights and bright colours, and now that SNSD have the perfect song for it , SM puts them in the middle of a constructing site. Seriously, it wasn't even a cool looking constructing site, I honestly believe SM just found a random constructing site, installed a cheap looking platform for they to dance on and TADAH! MV DONE. Oh wait! Gotta add in those unrelated night city shots in the beginning, YES! NOW IT'S PERFECT. Plus, it looks like they put an Instagram filter for the whole video, especially the first half before they change outfits (the outfit change was the most exciting thing in the MV)
I'm sorry Sones, but I was really not impressed with the Music Video. 

The girls looked good though. Yuri looks amazing with that beautiful sun-kissed skin. Her body also looks great, I like seeing her with some curves.

All in all, the song is super catchy and i've been listening to it while dancing like a lunatic, but the MV left me bored.

Moving on to The Ark's debut, I have nothing but positive things to say about it.

When I saw their teaser pictures and that dance cover they did of BTS' Boy in Luv, I thought they were gonna be some BTS female wannabee group. I feel like there are so many groups that want to do Badass concepts nowadays, that what once excited me now leaves me bored. I was really not looking forward to this group, but I was completely wrong.

When the Music Video started, I noticed I had created a wrong idea of them. I was expecting something like what Sonamoo did, but it was completely different.

The song is just so simple. Simple is good. It has a nice melody, and the light-hearted rapping doesn't sound overwhelming, I tend to notice good rapping more in songs like these, and not over-the-top-YEAH-WE-ARE-HERE kind of songs. Definitely liked it a lot. 
The vocals were also great. Nothing negative to say about it, really.

The Music Video is probably one of my favourites this year. FO SHO! 

I was expecting something very minimalistic, a video showing the daily life of a daughter and a mother who love each other, I wasn't even expecting it to have a plot. I was just nodding along to the song thinking "Me want that Kimbap" when I suddenly realise what this MV is all about. I cried and cried and cried. Seriously, this really got to me. I think when I realised something was going to happen, I thought it was the mother who was going to die, but for some reason the reverse situation made me more emotional. 

This Music Video is an insight to what parents of the Sewol incident feel like. Also, I believe this MV also connects with the Ladies' Code situation.

 I believe something like this MV was necessary, to help raise awareness to road safety and help people realise that many innocent lives are taken away due to a society that doesn't care much about driving safely. This doesn't only apply to Korea, but many other countries that don't have or follow rules and regulation while on the road. Please be safe.

That's a wrap my friends!! What did you think of these two songs/MVs. Liked them?? Please share your opinions with me in the comments below~

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  1. What a fun post! I enjoyed reading it!
    Have a great week ahead!
    xo from italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  2. São diferentes estilos, mas gosto imenso dos dois grupos/bandas, não as conhecia. Muito bom o teu post, óptima review, Cláudia :)
    Obrigada pela visita, e comentário. Uma boa semana para ti<3


    "Health & Beauty"


  3. Love your blog. Great post.

    I think we should follow each other .


  4. I had the same thought of what The Ark would be like!
    I think this group would do pretty good in the future
    Hopefully they don't change their concept..

    I think this is not the strongest SNSD song
    But I liked how they weren't bias with the members this time!!

    I like how you review on Kpop Videos x)
    It's really fun to read!
    btw I followed you <3 I would love to read more of your opinions!


    1. Yes, me too Nana :D Glad someone feels the same~
      True, the lines were very fair this time :D
      Thank you so much!! I'm so happy to hear that :D If you have any requests, just tell me and i'll do them~

      Claudia <3

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  6. Im loving the vibes of The Ark, i still love the video of GG <3 Im such a big fan of them <3 Love your review <3


    1. Me too, their debut really left a good impression!! Thank you :D

  7. Im loving the vibes of The Ark, i still love the video of GG <3 Im such a big fan of them <3 Love your review <3


  8. I liked "Catch Me if You Can" it was pretty cool.
    As for The Ark, their style is unique and I like it but their song is so boring to me. They'll probably have better songs in the future or at least, I hope they do.

    1. Hopefully they will come out with something more exciting next time :D

  9. Claudia, to be honest I'm not impressed at all.. IMHO Catch Me if You Can song sounds weird to my ears, IGAB and the boys are way better :p
    I missed Jessica's presence in their comeback :( :( Without Jess, SNSD won't looks same anymore..
    Anyway, I agree with you.. Their MV is sucks -_-

    1. Really? That's interesting, i'm the exact opposite :P

      Yeah, the MV was really boring....

  10. Great Post :) Loved to read it :)



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