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Hey guys!! So for those who haven't noticed, I changed my Blog Template!! I'll also be reviewing my current favourite eyeliner, Clio Waterproof Bush Liner!

So first of all, how do you guys like my new blog look? I liked the old one, it was very cute and girly looking but I kind of wanted something more minimalistic and simple. Also, the previous style gave me trouble with the pictures because they would always get cut if they were too wide so yeah, no more of that.
I would love some feedback! Do you guys prefer the old one? This one? Leave your thoughts down below ^_^

On to the relevant part

Today i'll be reviewing Clio's popular Waterproof Eyeliner! I got the brush liner because it seemed to fit my preferences better than the pen liner, and it came with a free waterproof makeup remover (sample size).

I got this product from Beautynetkorea (haul here for other products I bought) for $10.80

Product Description and Claims:
-Soft brush liner with extreme flexibility
-Strong and long-lasting formula
-Good for precise and detailed eye makeup
-Comes with airtight lid

Volume: 0.55ml

This product comes in two shades, #1 Kill Black and #2  Kill Brown. (I purchased #1 Kill Black.)


The eyeliner has a very sleek and confident(?) looking packaging. It's in a pen form, and it's black with golden letters. What I most love about the packaging is the airtight lid, which will prevent your brush tip from drying up quickly.


The brush tip is super flexible, and is loyal to the claims made by the advertisements.  I can easily draw a thin line, perfect for a simple everyday liner. The brush liner is just like a brush, which is why it is so appropriate for detailed makeup and why I chose it over the pen liner. However, being so soft and malleable it's also easier to make a mistake; which in this case makes it less appropriate for beginners than the Pen liner.

Sorry for that messy tip of my eyeliner :P 
This eyeliner is perfect for that thin line to make that puppy-eye look.


So I have REALLY oily eyelids, which is why is the reason why I came across this eyeliner. I read many raves on this, how waterproof it is and how it won't budge even on the oiliest lids. My previous eyeliner was useless, it would smudge amongst the oils of my eyelids in less than 2 hours.

I had expectations for this eyeliner, so the bar was already set up high when I got it. I have to say, it completely surpassed my expectations. 

I first noticed the budge-proof ness of this eyeliner when I made a mistake while lining my eyes and tried to rub it of with my finger. It. Did. Not. Move. With my old eyeliner, I could easily correct my mistakes using a cotton bud or my finger, not able to do so anymore. 

It lasts the whole day if I don't rub my eyes, which is amazing! Sometimes it won't be completely intact though, like the darkness will start to fade or something, but it's hardly noticeable and only happens when the weather is very humid and hot.

I rubbed hard on it did't budge (that's what she said) as you can see in the gif. 

It definitely is waterproof, there is no doubt about that. I was crying with it on (I was watching UP!) and it stayed on like a boss.

The Eye Makeup Cleansing Oil:

I think it's got a leak somewhere, because the whole tube was oily when I first touched it, and when I packed it with some stuff the other stuff became oily as well. Well, whatever.
It's got a slight orange (?) scent and removes the eyeliner easily! Very pleased with it!

I got it for about $10 with an extra remover, which I think is somewhat affordable. It isn't the cheapest eyeliner ever, but there are some pricer high-end eyeliners out there that do the same thing! Before trying something more expensive, I would suggest trying this eyeliner first. 

-Budge proof
-Long lasting
-Great for detailed eyeliners
-Very flexible brush tip
-Airtight lid

-Blackness slightly fades if you have very oily eyelids (barely noticeable though)

I definitely understand all the rave about it. It's great! I can now wear eyeliner without it smudging after an hour! As my lids are super oily, the colour still slightly fades throughout the day, but it's a very minute difference. For know, this is my Holy Grail Eyeliner.

Recommend? YES!


Have you guys tried it? I personally love it, what do you guys think?? 

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  1. Nice review! I've been looking for a liner to replace my Kpalette one which has been steadily running out for the past month. This one looks very similar!

    1. Thank you! I haven't tried Kpalette before, but I do think this one is worth a try :D

  2. I really like your new layout! The section with the girl might have to be removed in your Template>Edit HTML section in the post author section.

    I really love this liner, too!!! I've been using it for awhile. I was sad when I used all of the eye makeup remover. I found that it worked really well.
    Celestial Love

    1. Thank you!! Oh, i'll try! Thanks for the advice :D

      Me too! Glad you liked it too~

  3. This eye liner looks pretty good, I need one like that

  4. Never heard about this brand but the product looks good!!!
    Want to follow each other on GFC & bloglovin etc.?
    Let me know!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

    1. Thank you for passing by :D Passed by your blog too~

    2. Follow you via GFC and also on bloglovin!! See you :*
      Have a fab day!!
      Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  5. woow.. this is such a nice eyeliner... I was searching a new replacement for my old eyeliner.. I would definitely try this.

    by the way I just followed you back ^^

  6. I personally really recommend it!!

    Thank you Melissa :D

  7. I am a HUGE fan of felt tipped eyeliner pens. And I'm in the market for a new one soon, as my Stila pen is about to run out. I like that the CLIO pen appears to dry with a matte finish.

    Sometimes I find that the eyeliner pen pigments dry with kind of a reflective surface so that it bounces light instead of staying a true, inky black.

    Did you notice anything like that?


    1. From your description, I think this eyeliner is more of a matte type :(

      Thank you for passing by~

  8. Thank you for the review :) Sounds really good for detailled lines :3

  9. Thank you for this review ^^ I'm really interested to try this eyeliner!


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