GIVEAWAY: Elizavecca 3-Step-Mask

1:21 PM

Hello people!! Today i'm here with exciting news! I am holding my first GIVEAWAY!! YAAAYY! I'm so excited for this because obviously i'm extremely thankful for the people who follow my blog, so being able to give back to you guys makes me feel great.

Now before I start, I must say that this giveaway is being sponsored by BBCosmetic and they were generous enough to decide that they are picking 6winners!!! Guys, don't miss out on the opportunity, I have a pretty small following and there are gonna be several winners, so the probability to actually win is relatively big. 

Let me introduce to you what we are giving away:

Elizavecca 3-Step-Mask Sheet
These masks come in three types:

Aqua White Water Illuminate Mask
Light your face with this mask sheet

For dry skin, Whitening type

Vitamin and Glutacion ingredients

Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask 
Care like baby skin

For skin elasticity

Nutritious serum and EGF ingredients are included
Anti-Aging EGF Aqua Mask
For clean face 

Nutritious essecne and bird's nest extracts are for pore care and elasiticity

Now each winner is going to win one out of the 3 masks. The mask is called 3-step sheet mask because it comes with 3 departments, one with a cleansing foam, another with the actual mask and finally the finishing moisturiser.

I'm going to be honest when I say I haven't tried the masks yet, but i've read some reviews and from what I could tell, most people loved it!!

Now for the rules!!
This is an Instagram giveaway, so you're going to have to participate through Instagram.

1. Follow both me (@claudiazhu5) and BBcosmetic (@bbcosmetic_official) on instagram
2. Follow my Blog/Bloglovin
3. Repost any picture that was featured in this post and hashtag #bbcosmetic_b2utyblogger_giveaway
4. Answer the following question on your repost "What's the name of a Korean product you would be curious to try"

Also, make sure you check out, they have many korean brands and products, including the ones that have been newly released. If you do decide to buy something, use the coupon code ZFR7NF309FZ2A to get 10% off your purchase (not an affiliate code). 

Again guys, if I was you I wouldn't miss out on this opportunity!! It's a pretty big chance of winning, so make sure you grasp the chance before the deadline in here.

The giveaway will be going on for 10 days and since today is the 17th of July, the giveaway will end on the 27th of July midnight (WEST time or Western European Summer Time).

Furthermore, this giveaway is open worldwide so EVERYONE can participate! (Unless I have followers from exoplanet or matoplanet)

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  1. They all look lovely. Following you on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you can follow back x

  2. 3 step mask? Never heard or try of those before, I'm curious to try one of these along with many other beauty products that's on my long ass wishlist >.<

    Idk if you noticed but you might want to edit the deadlines to "July" instead haha :P

    1. Yeah, the masks seem really promising!! Thank you so much for participating~

      THANK YOU for noticing me about the deadlines, you're an angel ❤️

  3. your blog is soo neat and simple! love it xx


  4. wahhhhhhh tony tony chopper purple mode!!! how cute omg <3


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