Products I Regret Buying

7:29 PM

Hello everyone! So for today's post, I will be featuring some of the beauty products that I regret buying as they either didn't meet my expectations, weren't worth the price or simply just weren't good. So let's get to it~

These are the 8 products i'll be talking about ↑

Etude House- Color My Brows #3

This product wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. The main reason I wish I hadn't had purchased it is because it didn't match my hair as well as I thought it would. It's a bit too red for what I wanted, which technically isn't my fault since their official swatches weren't accurate to the actual color of the brow gel (I've had similar incidents with Etude House where the swatches on their website were noting like the actual color). 

Clinique Superdefense CC Cream

This was my first CC cream and at the time I didn't think much of it, but now that i've tried other CC creams, I must say this isn't worth the high price. ACTUALLY, I wouldn't repurchase it even if it was really cheap. It feels really heavy on the skin, much like a high coverage BB cream, which should definitely not be the wear of a CC. It also becomes very greasy throughout the day, so I wouldn't recommend it for people with oily skin (like meh). 

 Etude House Magic Any Cushion #Green

(excuse the bad lighting in the photo)

I've mentioned before that I really dislike this cushion. It's supposed to be a primer that conceals the redness, but it just doesn't do what it promises. Not only that but it makes me look SOO white, and oils really bad throughout the day. The saddest thing is that I actually bought 2 refills with this cushion (so 3 total), i've managed to go through one of them but I'm afraid i'll just have to trash the other 2 :( 

This is a swatch for you guys to kind of see what it looks like. There is a very low pigmented blush swatch underneath which you can easily see, which proves that the green doesn't cancel the red with this product. 

H&M Velvet Lip Cream #Screen Siren

This liquid lip cream just doesn't do it. Nuh-uh girl, H&M you better get your act together with this lip product! First of all, it stinks. It reeks of alcohol (and not the nice alcohol scent, the nasty one). Second of all, it doesn't apply evenly and is kind of blotchy. Furthermore, when it wears out when you eat and you want to reapply, it won't build up properly and you basically have to remove the first layer and apply it from the beginning. Last but not least, the applicator is very hard to control. The colour is pretty tho! 

Limi Porcelain Doll BB Cream

This BB cream is WAAYY to light for me. Like, not even close to my shade. You might be thinking, but Claudia, that's your fault! Don't blame the product! Well, at the time when I bought this I really didn't know much about beauty, so the assistant at Watsons recommended me this BB and specifically this shade. So yeah, it kind of is my fault, but not entirely. Also, i'm not bashing the product, i'm just saying I regret buying it. 


TonyMoly Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil

I won't talk much about this product since I have already covered it in this review. In conclusion, it doesn't do what it claims to do and I don't like the smell. 

TonyMoly Magic Massage Pack

I haven't talked about this product before, but honestly I like it just as much as the previously mentioned Egg Pore Oil. It smells really good, but the main problem I have this is that I can't massage it into my skin! I mean, it's a massage pack but it "hardens" really quickly on the skin so I always find myself tugging my skin while massaging with it (which is an obvious NO-NO). On the few times I did use it, this pack wasn't that effective and the brightness effect it provides is very short term. 

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner

This eyeliner, just like many other products in this post, is a cult favourite. Personally, I don't think it lived up to expectations. It doesn't survive through my oily eyelids as it smudges throughout the day, and I actually find it pretty rough to apply (when most reviews described it to be butter smooth). 

When I swatch it on my hand it watched beautifully!! It's creamy and the pigmentation is top-notch. It's also very smudge-able when using an angled brush, however this same effect doesn't happen on my eyes :( It's a pity because I really wanted this to work. 

So that is all from this post!! I hope this was helpful and gave you some useful insight on these products. I don't mean to be bashful or negative in this post, I just wanted to help out fellow AB-ers when they are wondering wether or not to invest on certain makeup/skincare products with an honest opinion.

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  1. Thank you for being so honest about these products, I prefer these kinds of posts tbh. I've got the colour my brows and I find it to not quite match my hair as well, so it's been sitting in my storage box >.<

    It's always so sad when a product that you really wish would work just wouldn't :( For the refills you could probably sell them or gift it someone who has the same cushion instead of throwing it out? At least then it wouldn't be a waste of money ^^

    1. That's what I believe reviewing and blogging is all about, making sure you depict your honest thoughts into words!! Yeah, seems like i'm not the only one who was disappointed with the brow gel then :/

      Yeah, I've been trying to give it away to someone but I didn't find anyone who wanted them :( Also, I think they are close to their expiration date so it would be sorta unethical to sell them.

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment Kelly!! :D You're great~

  2. I've heard so many nice things about the TonyMoly Magic Massage Pack and I'm always getting samples of it, but never tried it. Thanks for the honest reviews! It's always refreshing to see some "bad" reviews, because we all know there's no one product that works perfectly for everyone. There's nothing more depressing for me than purchasing a raved about product and me hating it, haha.

    1. Yeah, I feel the same way, which is why I decided to do this post!!! I know, that feeling sucks TT__TT

  3. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!

  4. Great post! It's good to also hear about products you didn't like and why! I haven't tried any of these myself and after reading your reviews I don't think I ever will, haha. I'm sorry to hear about all the refills you bought for the cushion, tho! :(

    1. Hey lona!!

      Thank you for commenting and enjoying my post! I personally find these kind of posts more helpful and I thought you guys would feel the same, so i'm very glad I was right :D

      Yeah, it's ok don't worry, sometimes you just have to go through buyer's mistakes to prevent future ones :D

  5. Uuh, I'm sorry to hear that these products don't work on you. The Etude House's Any Cushion looked so bad as the swatch was too white even on the blush :0 I used their Baby Choux in mint before and actually liked it, not sure if they still have it in the market.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  6. Thanks for the post, I was thinking of getting the etude house green any cushion! I've also gotten the tonymoly tomatox mask and I was also kinda disappointed with it.. I still really want to try out the holika holika eyeliner though >.<


  7. Thanks for the honest review! I've seen these TonyMoly products where I live, and I know which ones to avoid. :)

    -Jannette | The Diary of a Daydreamer

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