Review: EOS Cat Eyes Brown (First Time Wearing Lenses)

9:21 PM

Hello everyone! I was very excited about this post, since it's my FIRST TIME WEARING CIRCLE LENSES!
I'll be telling you about my first experience and i'll also be giving my thoughts and opinions on the circle lenses I used, the EOS Cat Eyes in Brown.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Love Shoppingholics for sponsoring this review and making this blogpost possible. I do accept free samples from companies and PRs, however I keep all my thoughts and opinions 100% genuine regardless if I paid for the product or not. Disclaimer Here.

Description of product:
(All info from Love Shoppingholics)
Brand: EOS
Name: Cat Eyes Brown
Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1year

The lenses came in a super pretty blueish green bag, and it also came with a cute case for the circle lenses. Love Shoppingholics actually sends a free animal case with every circle lenses pair purchase ^_^

For a first time like me, the packaging was a little weird to open, but after watching a tutorial it was easy :)
I've always loved how cute these little jars look, too bad they become useless after opening.

It was actually pretty hard for me to put the lenses on, since i've never used any type of contacts before! Luckily, my eyes have become slightly desensitised by the usage of makeup, it would've definitely taken a longer time to put them on if I wasn't used to tightlining and putting on eyeliner ;)

I also had the help of an experienced cousin (Love You Xana <3), so if you are also a first timer, I advise you to ask help from someone who has used them before. If there isn't anyone like that around you, then Youtube videos and Blog posts should do the job of guiding you ^_^

I apologise for the blurry pictures, it's harder to take eye pictures than it seems! Even with the difference in lighting, you can see a clear difference when I put the contacts on. My pupils are pretty wide to begin with, but the circle lenses still enlarged them. The colour is also noticeably lighter, however the pinkish undertones didn't really show through since my pupils are too dark.

The contact lenses were a lot more comfortable than I was expecting. Perhaps it's due to the fact that i've never worn lenses  before, but I was expecting some eye poking kind of feeling. 

However, after wearing them for about 2/3 hours my eyes started to hurt, since my eyes were not accustomed to the contacts. I had to take them off immediately to feel comfortable again. 

These two selfies are to compare my eyes with and without the coloured lenses. I was actually obsessed with how pretty they looked! It might be freaky at first, but these looked fairly natural and i'm almost certain that if it was your first time meeting me you wouldn't suspect anything :D (excuse my awkward smile in the first pic T_T )

I actually LOVED my first experience!! It's gonna sound very vain of me, but I couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror :P Circle lenses are like magic, so little yet they make such a humungous difference. The comfort was great at first, but my eyes became easily tired after a while.

You can get these EOS circle lenses from for 22.90USD. Since these are supposed to last a year, the price seems pretty reasonable to me :D

Thank you so much for reading, not only my first circle lenses review but also my first sponsored post. I may guarantee you that all these opinions are real, and I only agreed to the collaboration because I trusted the website and had high anticipations for the product (which were reached).

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  1. You look so cute wearing them! They really made your eyes pop up and more awake like c: But seriously it's so cute and aegyo like.
    Cindy C

    1. Thank you so much Cindy :) Ahahahaha, I guess you're right :P

  2. They make your eyes look huge!! You should try silicone hydrogel lenses, I have sensitive eyes too but I can wear them for 8-10 hours with no problem because they let more oxygen get to your eyes :) great review and you look so pretty!

    1. Thank you so much!! Thanks for the recommendation, i'll check those out!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I agree with you, lenses has the magic to transform you into a more beautiful creature! & I love how shoppingholics provides pretty packaging. Nice review, it looks good on you, you look so cute! 😃

    1. I know right? ahahahaha :P Thank you Resa ^_^

  5. Love your blog :) Happy Monday!

  6. Girl these circle lenses look great on you! You're also super adorable ahh. I'm now following you via GFC and I'd love it if you'd follow back! Let's keep in touch!~ Keep up the good work.:) xx

    1. Thank you so much ^_^ You're also really cute!! Sure, i'll follow you back! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment~

  7. these lenses look good on you and the color is nice!
    i've never worn contacts before ... too lazy and i always assume there's something poking the eye... lol ><

    nice review :D~~

    Judy | Simply MiuYee

    1. Same! I never wear lenses, i'm just not used to it :P

  8. They look great on you~! I've never worn circle lenses before, but I want a pair <33

  9. Hello Claudia!I'm not sure if you still remember me but you used to follow me on my blog before but for some reasons I deleted that blog and created a new one.I hope we can still follow each other now.I just followed you via GFC #116 :)
    As for your post,I'm happy for you that you've finally got to wear circle lenses~~

    1. Thanks for dropping on my blog.I use to let people follow me via G+.Do you have a G+ account?

    2. Thanks for dropping on my blog.I use to let people follow me via G+.Do you have a G+ account?

    3. Hello again.I now have GFC on my blog.I'll be happy if you follow me back.God bless!

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