Beauty Uses Of Aloe Vera

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Hello lovelies! So since it's Summer, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you guys some skincare and beauty tips using one of my favourite ingredients of all time, ALOE VERA ^_^

I'm sure most of you know that Aloe Vera is an ingredient that provides great skincare, haircare and health benefits! Some of these amazing benefits include:

-Aid acne
-Fight sunburns 

(and many more!)

So the Aloe Vera I use is from Nature Republic, and i'm pretty sure you guys all know about it, it's one of their bestsellers! This is what it looks like: 
(This gel contains Alcohol, so if you are sensitive to it then look for a gel that hasn't got it!)

I definitely used the heck out of this gigantic tube! Especially during this time of the year, my Aloe Vera gel comes in handy.

I won't be doing a review of this product in specific, since I know most of you already have it and the blogosphere is already bombarded with reviews of this. Instead, i'll just present the various ways I use this gel. 

You can obviously do all of these things using any aloe vera gel, be it Nature Republic or not. I know Holika Holika also has a popular Aloe Vera gel. 

1) Moisturiser
I enjoy using this gel as a light moisturiser, since it has a very light weight texture and it suits my oily skin, especially during summer season. I will apply throughout my whole body after a nice refreshing shower, it's the perfect icing on the cake!

2) Hair Mask
Aloe Vera is known for it's excellent hair growth abilities, and I like to take advantage of that. I will massage some of the gel onto my scalp to stimulate all that growth and apply some on my hair after I wash it to deeply moisturise it. 

3) Night Mask
I currently don't have a sleeping pack yet, so I use this instead. I put a generous layer on my skin before I go to dreamland, and wake up with replenished and glowing skin.

4) Post-Waxing Gel
After I wax my legs, I like to apply this to lessen the redness and the irritation.

5) BB Cream Mixer (?)
Well, I basically mix some aloe vera with my BB cream (or foundation) to make it more light weight and natural looking. However, this does take some trouble to blend and the coverage is very limited; I still like it though ^_^

6) Stretch Marks
I'm not embarrassed to admit that i've got stretch marks, my body has been through a lot and my skin has stretched and shrunken to the point where I had severe stretch marks. I use this gel to help these scars fade, and I do believe it helps!

7) Skin Tightening
Kind of on the same topic as the previous one, as I loose weight I don't want my skin to become loose, so I generously apply this on my stomach, thighs and arms before I go to sleep.

So those are the ways I use my Aloe Vera Gel!! How do you use it?? Here is how nature republic recommends it:

Thank you for reading!! I hope this post helped you somehow, and once again, I definitely think you should go and get yourself some aloe vera next time you go shopping!!

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  1. Perfect post,I love aloe vera even in its natural state since its perfect for the skin and wounds .

    1. Glad you liked it!! Yeah, I know, but I don't have an aloe plant :(

  2. I used this one too! I hit pan on it and it's a bit hard to obtain to I had to switch. I found your bloggie (followed and on Instagram too). Need to fill up my feed :P! I like what you blog about and insta photos too Claudie.

    Love, Anne ♥
    ✿ ✿

    1. Glad you enjoy this product as well!! Thank you so much Anne, I followed you back on both ^_^

  3. You have a super blog! I like it very much
    maybe follow for follow? :)
    Kisses from Poland <3

  4. Thanks for all these tips! I've got a bottle of aloe vera gel waiting for me to use it. I usually only use it when my face feels extremely dry or irritated and needs some moisture. But that rarely happens so I'm glad I find out more ways to make use of it :D

    1. No problem! Thank you for reading the post ^-^ Yup, Aloe Vera has more uses than we think

  5. i use my aloe vera gel daily but i never knew it would help with stretch marks! i've been very conscious with my stretch marks lately and looking for a solution to it! glad that i found out it could help~ i will definitely try it immediately ~


    1. Yeah! My stretch marks have faded a little, they didn't disappear completely but that's normal. Hope it works on you too!!

  6. I love this product so much! I love using it during summer tooo!!!!

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

  7. Great post
    I wish you a lovely day
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    xoxo isabelle | ModellaBella Blog

  8. Thanks for sharing these tips! I knew only about soothing, moisturizing and fighting sunburns :) xx Maja

  9. so nice, kisses :)

  10. This blog is ADDICTING! Your reviews are so helpful too and I specially enjoyed the KPOP Tag and the irony between the question and the song xD hahahaha

    1. Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog, it seriously means the world to me!! I see you left your URL, i'll check out your blog too :D

  11. I own this Aloe Vera gel too and I agree, it's nice for so many purposes!! I love how cooling it is for summer :-) ♥ I usually just use it as moisturizer on my face and body lol but I might try using it as mask pack for my hair and face hehe ^-^* ♥

    1. True!! You should try it, good luck!!

  12. I love Aloe Vera, I own one by the The Face Shop and its already running out. Love this blog sm!

    Mish | Mishs Diary

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  15. Wow, nice article I will definitely use aloe vera to keep my skin spots free. I think aloe vera gel is that ingredient which anyone can use without worrying about side-effects. I have aloe vera in my Terries but I never used it but after reading your article I am not only going to use this, in fact I will suggest everyone to use pure aloe vera gel to cure their health related problems whether it is internal or external.

  16. Nice Post.

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