My TOP 25 Kpop MVs of 2014

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 It's time for my first real post on my blog, and I decided to make it a Kpop one :D

2014 was definitely a crazy year for Kpop, i've been a k-pop fan ever since 2011, and '14 was no doubt the most disastrous year ever! Regardless, there were many Music Videos that stood out and made 2014 not so bad :) So yeah, I compiled a list of 25 MVs that in my opinion, stood out the most last year (weird saying last year.....LOL)

25) AOA-Short Hair
This Music Video is just so cute and pretty! The sets are so colorful and vibrant, and I absolutely love their themed outfits :D Plus, Lee Guk Joo was an excellent addition to the MV. I guess when a girl hits some trouble, a trip to the hair salon is the best therapy ^^

24) GOT7-A

This is my favorite GOT7 Music Video so far! Their outfits are on point, and I personally think that for most members, this was their best look (especially Youngjae, I mean please, he looked so damn cute!) I love how the dancing scenes were filmed outdoors, but poor boys must've been boiling dancing in the streets of Malaysia :P Some of the scenes in this MV are absolutely hilarious too! 

23) 2pm-Go Crazy 
Simply Hilarious! This was a great comeback from 2pm, fun, exciting and entertaining :D 

22) Winner-Empty  
The scenes in this MV were filmed beautifully. Many of the sets reminded of "urban ruins," the ones that personally stood out to me the most were Taehyun's laundry place at 2:21, Jinwoo's cinema room at 2:38 and Seungyoon's grassy lawn at 2:54. This video shows many close-ups of their beautiful faces, which is obviously a plus ;) 

21) Sistar-Touch My Body
Sexy divas came back strong this year!! I've watched this Music Video many times, mostly because it's so vibrant in color and the sets just remind me of summer so much, makes me feel warm even in the winter ^_^ 

20) EXO-Overdose

Being an Exotic (or Exo-L) I know how terrible this year was for EXO. However, let's not forget about  the positive aspects of 2014 for this fandom, just like this MV. Yes, it is the typical SM "idols dancing in a box" kind of MV, but they do use pretty cool boxes for this video :P Of course, the choreography is just amazing to look at, it would've been a pity to shoot a video that didn't properly showcase their dance. (P.S their outfits tho -.-')

19) GD X TAEYANG-Good Boy
Fluorescent hair, crazy outfits (expected from big bang), interesting sets and awesome choreo! This video is at 35 million and still counting, in less than two months! As always, Big Bang doesn't disappoint. 

18) Girls' Day- Something
No Kpop 2014 list is complete without this song. Something was a huge hit this year (last year I mean) and the Music Video complements the song perfectly. The classy but sexy outfits themselves are worth watching this video, let alone the dance :P 

17) B.A.P-1004 (Angel)
B.A.P limited themselves to one comeback this year (they needed a rest), but it was a great one! Just looking at the thumbnail you can see the beautiful sets that this MV showcases. There is a deeper meaning to the video rather than just 6 boys crying and by themselves, but you gotta watch the MV to find out ;) 

16) Taemin-Danger
This MV is so edgy and classy, definitely worth watching! The camera-work is great, and the whole video itself was perfect to showcase the wonderful MJ inspired choreography. 

15) Block B-H.E.R
I was pretty reluctant to put this AMAZING MV in 15th place, but it had to be T_T I'm sure most of us were expecting a crazy fun MV from Block B, but this time rather than being dark looking (red and black and grey) it was all poppy and colorful! Full of pinks, yellows and blues ^_^ That middle part with their interview-ish thingy was pretty funny, but my favorite scene was right after that, starting at 3:00 where they are the band and Block B at the same time :P

14) Hyuna-RED
Hate it? Love it? Regardless, i'm sure that for one reason or another, this MV kept you entertained all the way! The sexy shots of Hyuna, the wild dance, the cute little monkey and that sudden twist towards the cleopatra-ish part are all valid reasons to watch this MV.

13) BTOB-You're so fly 
Whether you understood the plot, or was too busy looking at their perfect being, you laughed watching this MV! Even the choreography is funny looking :P If you haven't watched it yet, please stop reading this and watch it! 

12) B1A4-Solo Day 

Similarly to BTOB's video, this video is hilarious and entertaining to watch. As always, B1A4 comes up with the most random MVs ever! I loved how the characters that they assigned to each member suited them so well, and that weird plot twist at the end? Better than inception (not really but almost.)

11) Urban Zakapa ft Soyou -The Space Between 
This Music Video is SHOO CUTEE! I tend to love Music Videos that resemble dramas, with no closeup shots of the artist showing their beautifulness to the camera in between (I guess that's why I love K.Will's videos.) The plot in this MV is hilarious, the way this couple met and became close is rather cute and funny (and super embarrassing for the girl) all at the same time. Plus, i've been obsessing over Ahn Jae Hyun's perfect face ever since You Who Came From The Stars. 

10)  Taeyang-Eyes, Nose, Lips

This Music Video is simple, but still beautifully artistic. Your opportunity to stare at Taeyang's half naked body for 4minutes straight without being judged! YAAYY! (P.S those Portuguese tattoos in the beginning made me so proud of being Portuguese :P ahahahahhaa)  

9) VIXX-Error
VIXX always have the best MVs, whether them being creepy, fun or "hit right on the feels" kind of MVs. This one is one of those "hit right on the feels" video, so please prepare yourself before watching.  Youngji did a great job, I loved the chemistry between her and Hongbin. BTW, if you're a fan of awesome hats, this video won't disappoint. 

8) Gary -Shower Later
Is Gary Kpop? Well, i'll put this video in the list anyways :P One word: Boobs. Actually, three words: Boobs and Ass. Like dirty jokes? Watch this. Being a straight female who doesn't get turned on by wet girls licking popsicles, I find this video hilarious! Especially knowing Gary on Runningman :P (P.S I'm a huge Monday Couple shipper, so I wondered what Jihyo thought of this MV throughout the whole video :P) (P.P.S DO NOT WATCH THIS WITH PARENTS AROUND! OR YOUNGER SIBLINGS)

7) JunggiGo X Soyou-Some

As mentioned before, I love Drama-like MVs! Dasom and Baro did a great job, and I love how this MV shows realistic relationships nowadays, the "some" thing definitely doesn't only exist in this MV :P

6) Orange Caramel-My Copycat
Orange Caramel seriously deserves the biggest award when it comes to MVs. This video even gives us a game to play!!! OMGGGGG!!! I mean, cmon! Genius.

5) 2NE1-Comeback Home 

The money invested in this video was well worth it! Those amazing looking graphics were absolutely perfect. The deeper message in this MV is also great, however being someone who's "Virtual Reality" IS Kpop, it was pretty ironic :P 

4) Block B-Jackpot

Of course, Block B's MV is just superb! Creepy, funny, weird and entertaining! Those vibrant suits, that over-the-top choreography and the circus-themed sets are only a few reasons to watch this MV! 

3) Beast-Good Luck

Beast is my ultimate favorite Kpop group, so yeah, call me biased :P Regardless if i'm biased or not, this MV was SO AMAZING! The camerawork when showing the choreography is perfect, the grungy  looking sets are perfect, their faces are perfect........The symbology behind this video is also something worth noticing! 

2) Orange Caramel-Catallena 

Of course, this video slayed 2014! This MV will make you go "WTF" and "AHAHAHA" at its hilariousness and "omg..." at its meaning behind the whole 3 for 1 thing and more. If you consider yourself a kpop fan, it is unforgivable to not have watched this MV! 

1) Epik High-Born Hater
Wanna be mindfucked with symbolism? Watch this MV (and read the lyrics). Wanna laugh and have a good time? Watch this MV. Whether you expected it or not, you gotta admit that Born Hater takes the crown for 2014 MVs. The thought behind it is just beyond any other MV this year (imo) and definitely worth watching many many times. 

So yeah, that wraps up my first real post! I hope you guys liked it, and feel free to disagree ^_^ I mean, with so many great MVs, it is impossible for all of us to agree with which ones stood out the most in 2014. Take care guys, see you in my next post~ (I won't really see you, you get what I mean.....i'm not a stalker!)

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