2014 Kpop Rookies To Look Out For In The Future!

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Just like most recent years, 2014 was filled with debuts and rookies, perhaps too many! Here is a list of the Rookies that really stood out, and to look out for in the future, as they may be dominating the Kpop scene in a few years ^_^

In no particular order: 

JYP has been losing its TCHANNAAAA lately, but this group definitely was one of the biggest rookies of 2014. As someone who has been anticipating this debut since 2012 when I saw Dream High 2, i'm definitely not disappointed; i'm actually rather scared of the damage they will do to my bias list. 

In my opinion, Jackie Jackie Chan Chan's first song want anything special, but they came out with other songs that I really liked! Their newest song, Fire, has left me going "daayyuummm" so yeah, good job Mr Chan :D

Lip Service
Great debut, great songs, great rapping! So underrated, but I really hope they succeed more this year. 

5 seconds into the video and I knew i was gonna love it :D They have that boy band kpop essence that has been kinda vanishing these days....... (I copy and pasted the youtube comment I left when I first saw their MV) 

These 4 ladies have slayed 2014 with their amazing vocal and rapping skills! They are absolutely amazing, and deserve all the attention that will be coming their way in the future :D GO MAMAMOO!

THE FEELS~ I mean, his voice is just perfect T_T If I left him out I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. 

Domino Game was such a great way to start 2014 debuts, they had so much potential however don't bother looking for them in the future......they disbanded. Doesn't make sense to me, something shady must've been going on for them to disband, watch the MV and you'll get what I mean.

Their debut MV was a bit......unusual? It wasn't to my personal liking, however "Are You Ready?" was SO much better! These hotties will break many hearts this year ^_^

Undoubtedly one of the strongest debuts this year. Whether you were rooting for Team A or Team B, you gotta admit that this song is amazing! I'm still unsure who takes the crown for 2014 rookies, Winner or GOT7. 

Akdong Musician 
AKMU has been topping charts left and right this year, so yeah.....No need to look out for them in the future, they are already super popular and successful in the present! 

This group was such a great way of escaping those "pretty looking boys kind-of groups." Not that I don't like pretty boys, but sometimes something different can be so refreshing and interesting! This group is seriously worth following.

Lucky J
Continuing with the "different and refreshing" thing, Lucky J was as different and new as it could get! They're so unique, and their skills are no joke! 

Out of all the debut songs of 2014, this song is probably the second most played, right after Girls Girls Girls. I love these kind of songs; happy, simple and SO enjoyable to listen to. Their other songs after this one were also fantastic! Already a fan ^_^

Red Velvet
SM's new girl group went though quite some trouble as soon as they came out, however we cannot deny that they were a pretty strong rookie this year. We will for sure be hearing their names a lot from now on! 

Absolutely HATED them.....because they are already making me fall in love T_T

Woolim's new girl group isn't typically my style, however they are super cute and pretty ^_^ They already have a pretty stable fanbase, so I can already see them grow! Being the age they are, at least we don't have to worry with them suddenly going sexy :P

Another boy group that is ready to completely slaughter your bias list! I can hear them going "MUAHAHAHAHA" already.

Bernard Park
Another one of JYP's "job-well-dones" this year :D If you've seen him on ASC, you'll know how cute and squishy Bernard is. PLUS, dem vocals tho. 

And that wraps up this post! Did I forget anyone? Do you agree with the list? Who is already making you cry with feels? Leave a comment and follow (only if you want to, i'm not your mum) :D

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  1. MADTOWN THO~ still getting ready for them....*cries* and what should I do with Winner and GOT7?! *cries more*

    love ya~ ♥

    1. ahahaha, we are bound to suffer! Love ya too~ <3

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