China 2015 Beauty Haul + Blog's 1st Anniversary!

3:18 PM

Happy New Year everyone!! So I just got back from an AMAZING trip to China and I want to show all of you the goodies I got ^_^ HOWEVER, there is another thing I want to concentrate on first! Drum roll please..........IT'S BEAUTYBLOGGER'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

5th of January 2015 was the day I started the blog, and not only that, but it's also my ULTIMATE BIAS YOSEOB'S BIRTHDAY! So happy birthday to both the blog and Yoseobie!

I can't thank you guys enough for liking and reading my blog, please continue following my posts and let's all hope for a great 2016 <3

Okay, so now onto my haul!! I didn't splurge on this trip (as much as I normally would) because i'm starting to save up some money, and i'm also planning another trip to Asia in the summer so I can buy more stuff then. I'll split this haul into 4 parts: Sheet Masks, Skincare, Makeup and Samples. So, SINOSIJAK(comment if you get this reference)!!!

These are the things I got: 

Sheet Masks

1) Skin Advanced-Platinum Soothing & Hydrating Mask
2) Skin Advanced-Platinum Soothing & Lifting Mask
3) My Beauty Diary-Black Pearl Mask
I've been wanting to try this mask as it's raved by many asian beauty followers!
4) My Beauty Diary-Natto Mask
Natto Mask? Had to get it.
5) My Scheming-Black Pearl Brightening Black Mask
6) My Scheming-Rose Day Moisturizing Mask

1) Double eyelid Tape
2) Innisfree-No Sebum Mineral Primer
3) Banilla Co-Let Me Start Makeup Essence
The Banilla Co products were ALL SO EXPENSIVE IN CHINA! However, the sales assistant was SO nice to me, she even offered to do my brows and do my makeup! I had to pick up a few things, and she really made this product appeal to me.
4) Kiss Me Heroine Make-Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
Japanese eyeliners and mascaras are super raved, so I couldn't skip this. Also, ever since i've finished my Clio brush liner i've been looking for another one just as good.
5) Innisfree-No Sebum Mineral Powder
Stocking up cuz it's one of my HG products.
6) Banilla Co-CC Cream Moisturizing Color Control Base
Another product the sales assistant convinced me to purchase (even though I clearly knew it was a tad bit too light for my skin.) It's another well-known product so i'm sure i'll use it well.

1) Splendid Impression-Marine Crystal Emerald Cleaning Oil
2) Innisfree- Green Tea Mineral Mist
3)Banilla Co- Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm
Been on my wishlist for the longest time now! Finally!
4)Splendid Impression- Brightening Swinging Washing-Free Makeup Cleanser
5) Innisfre -Eco Beauty Tool Clear Oil Control Film
6) Bedook- Oil-Free Cleanser
The sales assistant at Watsons introduced me to this brand, and even though I didn't know it I knew the guy sponsoring it (Ahn Jae Hyung) so I kind of felt like I could trust it (LOOL)
7) Watsons-Collagen Moisturzing and Firming Eye Roll On


I feel like in China they give less samples than in Korea, but I got a few GOOD samples which I definitely prefer over loads of little packets i'll never use.
1) Banilla Co-CC Makeup Box
I actually didn't even buy enough to get this sample box, but the lady was so nice she gave it to me :D I bought all the Banilla products at a more expensive price (probably because of importing and shipping fees) so I like to think that I deserved this gift.
2) Innisfree-Green Tea Special Kit
3) Splendid Impression- Multi Effect Concealing BB cream
4)Splendid Impression- Rejuvenating Softening Pre Makeup Lotion
5) Bedook- Farewell to Acne kit

6) H80- Olive Oil and Rose Essence Cream
Never heard of this brand, can't even find it online. One of the stores in China just gifted this to us (me and my mum).

So that's it for my CHINA HAUL! I'll be posting a Travel Diary soon, so stay tuned for that!!

What products have you tried or want to try? Leave a comment down below :D

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  1. I'm so jealous sighs !! ;-; I love My Beauty Diary sheet masks and the innisfree powder so much!! You said you didn't buy much but you bought more than me when I splurge like crazy haha! I can't wait for your travel post of China! I finally also understand your blog name haha I always thought it was just b2uty because of beauty and you wanted to spice it up but in real its because you're a b2uty haha (sorry im slow xD)

    Mindy ♥

    1. Ahahaha, I actually realised how much I actually bought when I was writing this post! I guess I did quite splurge! Glad you're looking forward to it, i'll post it up ASAP!
      Yes, B2uty has a double meaning, you're one of the first to notice it ahahahaha, I don't think many b2utys read my blog to understand the reference :P

  2. OHhhhhh the Splendid cleansing oil bottle is so cute! I totally want it in my bathroom. Lovely haul you have here :)

    1. Right? It's so pretty and magical-looking :P

  3. oooooh i'd love to see the review for My Beauty Diary-Black Pearl Mask coz I see it so much in Japan !! but i never knew the benefits of it but yeah i'm pretty sure it one the award for cosme 2016 . :OOO

    1. I'll try to talk about it, but I don't usually review sheet masks because I can hardly distinguish the different effects and how good a mask is :P I do have expectations though

  4. Congrats on your first blog anni!~~~~~ Omg... I literally want EVERYTHING in this post...I really do want to hear about the MBD black pearl mask, tell us how it is!

    1. Thank you so much!! Since many of you seem interested in the mask, i'll try and update you guys on it ^_^

  5. SINOSIJAK SHOWTIMEE~ holy moly that's quite a haul! I love Banilla Co's products; definitely on the higher end but wow they do wonders. And happy blogaversary~!


    1. Wooohhoooo, high five fellow ikonic!! Really? Nice to hear that, cuz for the price I paid for them I want results!! Thank you Mellie ^_^

  6. SINOSIJAK SHOWTIME!! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOSEOB! :) I'm hoping that Beast will make a comeback soon *^*
    Btw your haul looks great ^_^ Where did you spend your time?
    Do you mean Anh Jae Hyun from 'You Who Came From The Stars' lol? Sounds like me xD I did the same as well...I saw a Kim Soo Hyun ad for a bakery store, so I needed to buy a cake there!
    I'm looking forward to your reviews~

    1. Thank you Jenny!!!!! Nice to see another ikonic ^_^ Me too, I want another Beast comeback T_T TBH, Yey wasn't that satisfying........
      I spent most of my time in Zhejiang, which is where my parents are from!
      Yup, exactly him!! I saw him on the ad so I thought I could trust the products LOL......I did the same with Kim Soohyun ahahaha, with one of the puddings he was sponsoring :P

      Thank you!!

  7. Love the sheet mask collection haha and Congrats! :)

    Lotte |

  8. Me encanta la belleza asiática, me quedo como seguidora de tu blog para conocer más cosméticos!
    Quiero probar la CC Cream!

  9. Great haul ! You still got plenty of samples, I'm a fan of banila co so curious to hear what you think of it )

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